Women Empowerment in Present Times (Happy Women’s Day)

Posted: मार्च 7, 2014 in Women Rights, Women Studies


India is one of the developing nations of the modern world. It has become an independent country, a republic, more than a half century ago. During this period the country has been engaged in efforts to attain development and growth in various areas such as building infrastructure, production of food grains, science and technology and spread of education. The life expectancy has increased and many diseases have been controlled. However, there are many areas in which Indian society is experiencing a variety of problems. Some of these problems have their roots in our colonial past while others are related to demographic changes, socio-political conditions and cultural processes. In the process of this development the women empowerment is a very important concern these days.


Dr. Dinesh Chahal and Dr.Desh Raj Sirswal: An article published entitled “Women Empowerment in Present Times” in GENDER MAINSTREAMING:PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS,Rapid Book Service, Lucknow , 2014, pp.110-114.

Read full article here:

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