Posted: अप्रैल 27, 2013 in Human Rights


Merina Islam

Effective human rights education is a necessary pre-condition for a healthy democratic society especially in times of crisis threat locally, nationally and globally. The understanding and experience of human rights is an important ingredient of preparation of all young people for life in a multicultural and democratic society.

The inclusion of human rights education in the curriculum of schools is a derivative of a series of factors. First, the definition of human rights education varies. There is the legal definition which is drawn from the international documents that many nations have signed over the years. Some of the socialist nations offer their own political definition, which functions like a codicil attached to the international agreements. More important, teachers’ and administrators’ definitions of human rights education often include only those human rights which they think can be accommodated in their curriculum and classrooms.

Visit for details:

Milestone Education Review (October, 2012)



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